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Date Person Description
Agostini, Giuseppe Teacher of theology in Avignon, Lyon, Palermo
1656 d'Aix, François Died in Lyon
1678 Bayle, Anselme Born in Lyon
1702 Béraud, Laurent Born in Lyon
1777 Béraud, Laurent Died in Lyon
1740 – Béraud, Laurent Teacher of physics, chemistry, biology in Lyon
Béraud, Laurent Occupied himself with astronomical observations, magnetism, meteorology, combustion in Lyon
– 1764 Béraud, Laurent Director of astronomical observatory in Lyon
1694 Bertal, Etienne Died in Lyon
1688 Bertal, Etienne Various offices in Lyon
Castel, Louis-Bertrand Occupied himself with in Lyon
1695 de la Charme, Alexandre Born in Lyon
1693 du Chatelard, Jean Jacques Born in Lyon
du Chatelard, Jean Jacques Occupied himself with in Lyon
1648 Dorion, Pierre Teacher of rhetoric in Lyon
1695 Duclos, Jean Antoine Born in Lyon
Duclos, Jean Antoine Teacher of mathematics in Avignon, Lyon, Mâcon
Duclos, Jean Antoine Occupied himself with in Lyon
1696 Dumas, Jean Born in Lyon
Dumas, Jean Occupied himself with in Lyon