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Date Person Description
1632 Amrhyn, Beat Born in Lucerne
1642 – 1648 Amrhyn, Beat Studied in Lucerne
Baegk, Theodorich Teacher of mathematics in Freiburg im Breisgau, Lucerne
1728 Crauer, Charles Born in Lucerne
1800 Crauer, Charles Died in Lucerne
Curtz, Albert Rector in Eichstätt, Lucerne
1587 Cysat, Johann Baptista Born in Lucerne
1657 Cysat, Johann Baptista Died in Lucerne
1623 – 1627 Cysat, Johann Baptista Rector in Lucerne
– 1657 Cysat, Johann Baptista Teacher of controversial theology, scripture in Lucerne
1580 Forer, Laurenz Born in Lucerne
Forer, Laurenz Rector in Dillingen an der Donau, Lucerne
1672 Fuchs, Jean Died in Lucerne
1702 – 1706 Guldimann, Joseph Teacher of scholastic theology in Lucerne
Guldimann, Joseph Teacher of theology in Lucerne
1687 – 1688 von Halden zu Haldenegg, Johann Baptist Teacher of scholastic theology in Lucerne
1601 Hertenstein, Leodegard Born in Lucerne
1588 Hugo, Peter Born in Lucerne
1657 Hugo, Peter Died in Lucerne
1677 – 1680 Koenig, Johann Teacher of controversial theology in Lucerne


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