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Date Person Description
Bergmann, Joseph Teacher of physics, natural history in Mainz
Brockard, Alois Teacher of literae humaniores in Mainz
Buys, Jan Teacher of theology in Mainz
1611 Buys, Jan Died in Mainz
1610 – 1611 Cattenius, Otto Teacher of mathematics in Mainz
1612 Clavius, Christoph In 1612, Ziegler oversaw the publication of Clavius’ Opera mathematica in Mainz
1672 Cotel, Guillaume Entered the Society of Jesus in Mainz
Dabutz, Florian Teacher of literae humaniores in Mainz, Aschaffenburg
Dabutz, Florian Teacher of philosophy in Fulda, Mainz, Molsheim
Hager, Balthasar Rector in Würzburg, Mainz, Heiligenstadt
1699 Harlass, Georg Died in Mainz
Hauck, Christoph Died in Mainz
1736 Holtzclau, Thomas Entered the Society of Jesus in Mainz
Holtzclau, Thomas Teacher of scripture in Mainz, Molsheim
Horrion, Johann Teacher of philosophy, theology, literae humaniores, scripture in Paderborn, Mainz
1793 Jung, Johann Died in Mainz
1746 Jung, Johann Entered the Society of Jesus in Mainz
Jung, Johann Teacher of philosophy in Mainz, Aschaffenburg
Kircher, Athanasius Studied theology in Mainz
Kleiner, Joseph Teacher of philosophy in Mainz


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