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Occupation: Director
Date Person Description
1716 – 1737 d'Aquino, Carlo Director of literae humaniores in Rome
– 1764 Béraud, Laurent Director of astronomical observatory in Lyon
Kögler, Ignaz In Beijing, von Hallerstein assisted Kögler in his position as director of the astronomical commission
Rieger, Christian Rieger was assistant and later director at the Vienna museum for natural sciences
1773 Taucher, François Director of astronomical observatory in Budapest
Vota, Carlo Maurizio Vota spent 17 years in Venice during which he made a name for himself and was director of the geographical academy in Turin for twelve years, he was also a papal envoy to the royal courts in Vienna and Warsaw and spent some time in Moscow
Zeplichal, Anton Michael Director in Wrocław
1622 – 1623 Zucchi, Nicola Director in Ravenna