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Date Person Description
Amman, Cäsar Teacher of philosophy in Trento
1768 de Paula Cardell, Franciscus Died in Trento
1684 Grammaticus, Nicasius Born in Trento
1729 Grammaticus, Nicasius Occupied himself with astronomical observations in Trento
1648 – 1650 Haunold, Christoph Teacher of moral theology in Trento
Kino, Eusebio Francisco Studied in Ingolstadt, Hall in Tirol, Trento
Lachemayr, Carl Teacher of philosophy, theology, grammar, literae humaniores, history in Freiburg im Breisgau, Dillingen an der Donau, Trento
1679 – 1680 Manincor, Anton Rector in Trento
1680 Manincor, Anton Died in Trento
1768 – 1773 Savoy, Gaspar Teacher of philosophy in Trento
von Zallinger zum Thurn, Franz Seraphin Teacher of grammar in Trento
Zallinger zum Thurn, Jacob Anton Teacher in Trento