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Date Person Description
Adányi, András Occupied himself with polemic theology, canon law, moral philosophy, scripture in Trnava
1711 – 1727 Andrian, Karl Occupied himself with philosophy, mathematics, canon law, cases of conscience in Trnava, Graz, Linz, Klagenfurt, Gorizia, Buda
1751 – 1754 Bedeković, Kazimir Studied theology in Trnava
1760 – 1762 Bedeković, Kazimir Teacher of history in Trnava
1750 – 1753 Biwald, Leopold Gottlieb Studied philosophy in Trnava
1715 Cseffalvai, Pavel Born in Trnava
1758 Cseffalvai, Pavel Teacher of controversial theology in Trnava
1710 Dubovszki, Jean Died in Trnava
Dubovszki, Jean Teacher of mathematics, moral theology, canon law in Trnava
Dubovszki, Jean Rector in Trnava
de Feller, François-Xavier Studied theology in Trnava
1752 – 1753 Fridvaldszky, János Teacher of grammar in Trnava
1758 – 1761 Fridvaldszky, János Studied theology in Vienna, Trnava
1755 Gaso, István Died in Trnava
1761 – 1762 Gruber, Gabriel Studied mathematics in Trnava
de Halloy, Pierre Teacher of mathematics in Vienna, Trnava
Halwax, Fanz X. Teacher of philosophy, grammar in Trnava
Hell, Maximilian Together with Hell, Weisz established the astronomical observatory in Trnava
Hertl, Ignace Teacher of philosophy, mathematics, literae humaniores in Vienna, Trnava
Holzeisen, Anton Teacher of canon law, scripture in Trnava