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Subjects: Architecture
Date Person Description
1787 – 1790 Abramsperg, Antoni Teacher of architecture in Mstsislaw
Angiolini, Gaetano Studied theology, architecture, painting in Verona
After 1773
1797 – 1801 Angiolini, Gaetano Teacher of architecture in Vitebsk
du Breuil, Jean Occupied himself with architecture
Ciermans, Jan Part of the Portuguese army of architecture, engineering
Cysat, Johann Baptista Occupied himself with architecture, astronomical observations
1810 – 1811 Cytowicz, Józef Teacher of architecture, Russian in Polotsk
1817 – 1820 Cytowicz, Józef Teacher of mathematics, astronomy, architecture in Polotsk
1799 Cytowicz, Józef Studied architecture in Polotsk
Fischer, Jean Teacher of mathematics, architecture in Vienna
Grassi, Orazio Occupied himself with architecture
1784 – 1800 Gruber, Gabriel Teacher of architecture, agronomy in Polotsk
Guldimann, Joseph Occupied himself with mathematics, architecture
Gumkowski, Stanisław Occupied himself with architecture
Hesius, Willem Occupied himself with architecture
1772 – 1773 Kareu, Franciszek Ksawery Teacher of architecture in Polotsk
1743 – 1745 Karsznicki, Józef Studied mathematics, architecture in Lviv
1817 – 1820 Kisielewicz, Bonifacy Teacher of architecture in Romaniv
1803 – 1807 Kossow, Marek Teacher of architecture in Polotsk
1808 – 1809 Kossow, Marek Teacher of architecture in Mogilev