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Subjects: Geography
Date Person Description
– 1737 Buffier, Claude Teacher of philosophy, grammar, literae humaniores, geometry, music, history, geography in Paris
Fournier, Georges Occupied himself with hydrography, geography, navigation, trading, naval construction
François, Jean Teacher of astronomy, geometry, geography in La Flèche
Fröhlich, Erasmus Teacher of mathematics, Hebrew, Greek, history, geography, heraldry, numismatics in Vienna
Gautruche, Pierre Occupied himself with mathematics, astronomy, geometry, optics, geography
Gouye, Thomas Editor of mathematics, astronomy, geography
Hartzheim, Hermann Josef Hartzheim prompted a revised edition of school texts for German and new impulses in the teaching of mathematics, physics, and geography during his time in Cologne
Koenig, Johann Occupied himself with astronomy, geometry, cartography, geography, cosmography
Labbé, Philippe Occupied himself with grammar, history, geography, numismatics, epigraphy, Latin poetry
1756 – 1757 Naruszewicz, Kazimierz Adam Teacher of mathematics, history, geography in Warsaw
Ricci, Matteo Studied mathematics, geography in Rome
Collegium Romanum
Soares, Diogo Occupied himself with astronomy, cartography, geography, natural sciences, botany, topography, fieldwork
Tieffenthaler, Joseph Occupied himself with mathematics, astronomy, history, geography
Wyrwicz, Karol Wyrwicz was the author of the first Polish handbooks in geography
Ximenes, Leonardo Teacher of geography in Florence
Ximenes, Leonardo Ximenes dedicated himself to the application of geometry to physics, mechanics, hydraulics, optics, astronomy, geography, architecture, and ballistics