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Type: Only Biographical, Education, Miscellaneous Only Non-Jesuits
Date Person Description
1622 Viviani, Vincenzo Born
1703 Viviani, Vincenzo Died
1629 Sobieski, King Jan III Born
1696 Sobieski, King Jan III Died
1676 Riccati, Jacopo Born
1754 Riccati, Jacopo Died
1626 Redi, Francesco Born
1697 Redi, Francesco Died
1732 Poniatowski, Stanisław August Born
1798 Poniatowski, Stanisław August Died
1623 Pascal, Blaise Born
1662 Pascal, Blaise Died
Pascal, Blaise Noël argued with Pascal over the vacuum
1640 Ozanam, Jacques Born
1718 Ozanam, Jacques Died
1502 Nunes, Pedro Born
1578 Nunes, Pedro Died
1643 Newton, Isaac Born
Newton, Isaac Pardies was in scholarly contact with Newton
Newton, Isaac Zallinger zum Thurn was a recognized authority on Newton’s theory of gravitation