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Type: Only Biographical, Education, Miscellaneous Only Non-Jesuits
Date Person Description
1553 Baldi, Bernardino Born
1617 Baldi, Bernardino Died
1582 Baliani, Giovanni Battista Born
1666 Baliani, Giovanni Battista Died
1507 Barozzi, Giacomo Born
1573 Barozzi, Giacomo Died
1675 Pope Benedict XIV Born
1785 Pope Benedict XIV Died
1742 von Born, Ignaz Born
1791 von Born, Ignaz Died
1730 Bossut, Charles Born
1814 Bossut, Charles Died
1605 Boulliau, Ismaël Born
1694 Boulliau, Ismaël Died
Boyle, Robert Line engaged in a controversy with Boyle over the vacuum
1546 Brahe, Tycho Born
1601 Brahe, Tycho Died
1714 Cassini de Thury, César-François Born
1784 Cassini de Thury, César-François Died
Cassini, Giovanni Domenico Zucchi’s astronomical observations helped Cassini to prove the rotation of Mars