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Type: Only Education, Career, Miscellaneous Radius: within 0 km of Coimbra
Date Person Description
1672 – 1673 Amrhyn, Beat Teacher of mathematics in Évora, Coimbra
Aranha, Silvestre Teacher of philosophy, moral theology, scripture in Coimbra
1624 – Borri, Cristòforo Teacher of mathematics, astronomy in Coimbra
Clavius, Christoph Studied in Coimbra
Clavius, Christoph Clavius studied under Nunes in Coimbra
da Costa, Francisco Studied mathematics, Greek, Latin in Coimbra
1602 – 1604 da Costa, Francisco Teacher of philosophy, mathematics, literae humaniores in Coimbra
1678 Koerber, Joannes Teacher of mathematics, astronomy in Coimbra
Martins, Inácio Teacher of philosophy in Évora, Coimbra
1751 – 1755 Monteiro, Ignacio Studied theology in Coimbra
1753 – 1755 Monteiro, Ignacio Teacher of mathematics in Coimbra
de Oliveira, Bernardo Teacher of mathematics in Coimbra
Rodrigues, Francisco Teacher of cases of conscience in Coimbra
1703 – 1707 Soares, Diogo Studied philosophy in Coimbra
1707 – 1709 Soares, Diogo Studied mathematics in Coimbra
Soares, Diogo Studied theology in Coimbra
1713 – 1715 Soares, Diogo Teacher of mathematics in Coimbra
Telles, Antoine Teacher of philosophy in Coimbra
da Veiga, Eusébio Studied philosophy, theology in Coimbra
1739 – 1743 da Veiga, Eusébio Teacher of Latin in Coimbra


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