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Date Person Description
Abad, Diego José Teacher of philosophy, theology, literature
Adányi, András Teacher of rhetoric, Latin, poetry in Košice
Adányi, András Occupied himself with polemic theology, canon law, moral philosophy, scripture in Trnava
Agosti, Joseph Teacher of philosophy in Zagreb
Agosti, Joseph Teacher of moral theology in Fidenza
Agostini, Giuseppe Teacher of philosophy in Rome
Agostini, Giuseppe Teacher of theology in Avignon, Lyon, Palermo
Agostini, Giuseppe Teacher of grammar in Catania
Agostini, Giuseppe Teacher of philosophy, theology, literae humaniores
Agricola, Joseph Teacher of grammar, literae humaniores in Heiligenstadt, Erfurt
Agricola, Joseph Teacher of philosophy in Heiligenstadt, Heidelberg
Agricola, Joseph Teacher of rhetoric in Aschaffenburg
Akai, Christophe Teacher of philosophy in Košice
Alagona, Pietro Rector in Trapani
Alagona, Pietro Teacher of philosophy, theology
Alamanni, Basile Teacher of philosophy, theology in Milan
Alciati, Terenzio Studied law
Five years prior to entering the Society
Alciati, Terenzio Teacher of philosophy, theology in Rome
Alciati, Terenzio Various offices
d'Amato, Gaetano Teacher of philosophy in Naples