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Type: Only Education, Career, Miscellaneous Only persons not related to EMS
Date Person Description
Gínnaro, Bernardino Teacher of moral theology
Carl, Joseph Various offices
Arendts, Jean-Baptiste Various offices in Antwerp
Roth, Karl Rector in Košice, Bratislava
Schmidt, Philipp Anton Teacher of literae humaniores in Bamberg
Erber, Bernardin Librarian in Vienna
Sarbiewski, Maciej Kazimierz Various offices
Agricola, Joseph Teacher of rhetoric in Aschaffenburg
Souciet, Étienne Studied theology in Paris
Klainer, Georg Teacher of philosophy in Dillingen an der Donau
Klainer, Georg Teacher of philosophy, moral theology
Ambrogi, Antonio Maria Teacher of rhetoric, poetics in Rome
Boudier, Claude Stanislas Missionary in India
Savignano, Girolamo Various offices in Rome
Forest du Chesne, Nicolas Teacher of theology in Reims
dalla Briga, Melchior Teacher of theology in Siena
Brockard, Alois Teacher of philosophy in Bamberg
Boym, Michał Piotr Studied theology in Kraków
Sztancsak, Jean Various offices
Drattenberger, Matthaeus Teacher of philosophy, moral theology in Ingolstadt