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Only EMS-related persons Subjects: Philosophy
Date Person Description
de Abreu, Sebastião Occupied himself with philosophy, moral theology in Évora
1592 – 1599 Adriaensens, Corneille Teacher of philosophy, mathematics, Hebrew in Ingolstadt
de Aguilón, François Studied philosophy, literae humaniores in Paris
de Aguilón, François Studied philosophy, literae humaniores in Douai
1587 – 1589 de Aguilón, François Studied philosophy in Douai
de Albertis, Albert Teacher of philosophy, rhetoric, mathematics, scripture in Milan
Amman, Cäsar Teacher of philosophy in Trento
1651 – 1653 Amrhyn, Beat Studied philosophy in Ingolstadt
– 1666 Amrhyn, Beat Teacher of philosophy, mathematics in Ingolstadt
1701 – 1704 Andrian, Karl Studied philosophy, mathematics in Graz
1704 – 1706 Andrian, Karl Teacher of philosophy, mathematics in Klagenfurt, Gorizia
1711 – 1727 Andrian, Karl Occupied himself with philosophy, mathematics, canon law, cases of conscience in Trnava, Graz, Linz, Klagenfurt, Gorizia, Buda
Ango, Pierre Teacher of philosophy, literae humaniores
1764 – 1768 Arakiełowicz, Grzegorz Teacher of philosophy in Przemyśl
1769 – 1771 Arakiełowicz, Grzegorz Occupied himself with philosophy in Lublin
Asclepi, Giuseppe Maria Teacher of philosophy, rhetoric in Siena
Attlmayr, Sigismund Teacher of philosophy in Linz
1667 – 1669 Baldigiani, Antonio Studied philosophy, theology in Rome
Collegium Romanum
von Barth, Anton Teacher of philosophy
Beati, Gabriele Teacher of philosophy, mathematics, physics, moral theology, logic, natural philosophy in Rome