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Place: Amberg, Germany
Date Person Description
1739 von Boslarn, Joseph Born in Amberg
1770 – 1772 von Boslarn, Joseph Teacher of philosophy in Amberg
1630 – 1632 Cysat, Johann Baptista Construction supervisor in Amberg
1750 Deuring, Charles Died in Amberg
Heislinger, Anton Teacher of scholastic theology in Amberg
Hell, Caspar Rector in Amberg
1634 Hell, Caspar Died in Amberg
Kerschpaumer, Jean Teacher of literae humaniores in Munich, Amberg
Manhart, Johann Rector in Ingolstadt, Munich, Amberg
1642 Manhart, Johann Died in Amberg
1705 Stadler, Daniel Born in Amberg
1727 – 1728 Zech, Franz Xaver Teacher of physics in Amberg
1735 – 1738 Zech, Franz Xaver Teacher of canon law in Amberg