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Radius: within 0 km of Coimbra Place: Coimbra, Portugal
Date Person Description
1672 – 1673 Amrhyn, Beat Teacher of mathematics in Évora, Coimbra
Aranha, Silvestre Teacher of philosophy, moral theology, scripture in Coimbra
1624 – Borri, Cristòforo Teacher of mathematics, astronomy in Coimbra
Clavius, Christoph Studied in Coimbra
Clavius, Christoph Clavius studied under Nunes in Coimbra
da Costa, Francisco Studied mathematics, Greek, Latin in Coimbra
1602 – 1604 da Costa, Francisco Teacher of philosophy, mathematics, literae humaniores in Coimbra
1678 Koerber, Joannes Teacher of mathematics, astronomy in Coimbra
Martins, Inácio Teacher of philosophy in Évora, Coimbra
1598 Martins, Inácio Died in Coimbra
1751 – 1755 Monteiro, Ignacio Studied theology in Coimbra
1753 – 1755 Monteiro, Ignacio Teacher of mathematics in Coimbra
1711 de Oliveira, Bernardo Born in Coimbra
de Oliveira, Bernardo Teacher of mathematics in Coimbra
Rodrigues, Francisco Teacher of cases of conscience in Coimbra
1548 Rodrigues, Francisco Entered the Society of Jesus in Coimbra
1703 – 1707 Soares, Diogo Studied philosophy in Coimbra
1707 – 1709 Soares, Diogo Studied mathematics in Coimbra
Soares, Diogo Studied theology in Coimbra
1713 – 1715 Soares, Diogo Teacher of mathematics in Coimbra


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