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Radius: within 0 km of Cologne Place: Cologne, Germany
Date Person Description
1715 Schmitz, Joseph Born in Cologne
Schmitz, Joseph Teacher of philosophy, literae humaniores in Cologne
1592 Schall von Bell, Johann Adam Born in Cologne
Rosenthal, Johannes Preacher in Cologne
1642 Roestius, Petrus Died in Cologne
Roestius, Petrus Teacher of theology, scripture in Cologne, Mainz, Molsheim, Trier
Roberti, Johannes Studied philosophy in Cologne
Before entering the Society
Middendorf, Lubert Teacher of philosophy, mathematics in Cologne
Kyllman, Reiner Teacher of mathematics, moral theology in Cologne
Kyllman, Reiner Kyllmann founded the astronomical observatory in Cologne
1752 Kyllman, Reiner Died in Cologne
Kircher, Athanasius Studied philosophy in Münster, Cologne
1727 Kerich, Caspar Died in Cologne
Kerich, Caspar Teacher of philosophy, literae humaniores in Cologne
1641 Horrion, Johann Died in Cologne
1694 Hartzheim, Hermann Josef Born in Cologne
1736 – 1746 Hartzheim, Hermann Josef Teacher of exegesis in Cologne
1736 – 1759 Hartzheim, Hermann Josef Rector in Cologne
1746 – 1755 Hartzheim, Hermann Josef Preacher in Cologne
Hartzheim, Hermann Josef Hartzheim prompted a revised edition of school texts for German and new impulses in the teaching of mathematics, physics, and geography during his time in Cologne


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