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Date Person Description
Amiot, Jean Joseph-Marie Direct exchange between Cibot and Amiot
Milliet de Chales, Claude-François Teacher of mathematics in Lyon
Stepling, Joseph Correspondence between Wendlingen and Stepling
Fröhlich, Erasmus Teacher of mathematics, Hebrew, Greek, history, geography, heraldry, numismatics in Vienna
Połoński, Maurycy Various offices
Sibennhörl, Wolffgangus Studied theology in Prague
Perovius, Szymon Under Malapert 's guidance, Sylvius and Perovius conducted astronomical observations in Kalisz
Angiolini, Gaetano Angiolini worked in Rome on reinstating the Society
Collas, Jean-Paul-Louis Teacher of mathematics in Pont-à-Mousson
Pierling, Jakob Various offices
Bartolli, Daniello Bartolli was influenced by Riccioli during his time in Bologna
Fournier, Georges Studied philosophy in Caen
Cabeo, Niccolò Teacher of mathematics in Genoa
Belgrado, Giacopo Studied philosophy, mathematics in Bologna
Casati, Paolo Studied theology in Parma
Schott, Gaspar Teacher of mathematics in Würzburg, Palermo
Castel, Louis-Bertrand Occupied himself with in London
Borgondio, Orazio Baldigiani was the predecessor of Borgondio at the Collegium Romanum in Rome in teaching mathematics
Bouvet, Joachim Studied theology in Paris, Bourges
Pézenas, Esprit Occupied himself with in Paris