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Subjects: Natural sciences, Philosophy
Date Person Description
1752 – 1754 Mitterpacher, Ljudevit Studied philosophy in Trnava
Mitterpacher, Ljudevit Teacher of philosophy, natural sciences in Vienna
Mitterpacher, Ljudevit Teacher of philosophy
Mitterpacher, Ljudevit Teacher of natural sciences, geology, technology in Budapest
1743 – 1746 Poda von Neuhaus, Nicolaus Studied philosophy in Klagenfurt
Poda von Neuhaus, Nicolaus Poda von Neuhaus established a museum for natural sciences in Graz
1703 – 1707 Soares, Diogo Studied philosophy in Coimbra
1722 – 1726 Soares, Diogo Teacher of philosophy in Évora
Soares, Diogo Occupied himself with astronomy, cartography, geography, natural sciences, botany, topography, fieldwork