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Subjects: Mathematics, Navigation
Date Person Description
1629 – 1633 Fournier, Georges Teacher of mathematics in La Flèche
1640 – 1641 Fournier, Georges Teacher of mathematics in Hesdin
Fournier, Georges Occupied himself with hydrography, geography, navigation, trading, naval construction
1689 – 1700 Hoste, Paul Teacher of mathematics in Toulon, Lyon
Hoste, Paul Occupied himself with navigation
Milliet de Chales, Claude-François Teacher of mathematics in Lyon
Milliet de Chales, Claude-François Occupied himself with astronomy, architecture, calendars, geometry, mechanics, magnetism, optics, music, perspective, cartography, navigation
Pézenas, Esprit Teacher of philosophy, mathematics in Aix-en-Provence
Pézenas, Esprit Occupied himself with mathematics, astronomy, astronomical observations, cartography, navigation, scientific instruments, logarithms