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Date Person Description
de Aguilón, François Studied philosophy, literae humaniores in Douai
1587 – 1589 de Aguilón, François Studied philosophy in Douai
1589 – 1592 de Aguilón, François Studied literae humaniores in Douai
1596 – 1598 de Aguilón, François Teacher of mathematics in Douai
de Cassal, Pierre Teacher of philosophy in Douai
le Clercq, François Teacher of philosophy in Douai
1685 Defontaine, Jacques Born in Douai
Defontaine, Jacques Teacher of philosophy, theology in Douai
le Febvre, Ambroise Teacher of theology in Douai
1725 le Goeul, Nicolas Died in Douai
Guérin, Guillaume Teacher of philosophy in Douai
de la Hautoye, Antoine Rector in Douai, Liège, Cambrai, Lille
1671 – 1675 Koerber, Joannes Studied theology in Douai
1600 Malapert, Charles Entered the Society of Jesus in Douai
1605 – 1607 Malapert, Charles Studied philosophy in Douai
1617 – 1618 Malapert, Charles Study prefect in Douai
1618 – 1619 Malapert, Charles Teacher of mathematics in Douai
1619 – 1622 Malapert, Charles Superior in Douai
1618 – 1630 Malapert, Charles From 1618 – 1627 or 1618 – 1630, Sylvius assisted Malapert in conducting astronomical observations in Douai
Malapert, Charles Sylvius left Kalisz with or shortly after Malapert, first following him to Douai, later accompanying him on the way to Madrid( Malapert died during the journey while Sylvius finished it and worked in Madrid for a while)