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Date Person Description
Lenkiewicz, Gabriel Together with Lenkiewicz and Stanisław Czerniewicz (also Jesuit, though not involved in the sciences), Kareu worked on keeping the Society alive in Belarus after the suppression
Rostan, Alexandre Pancrace Rostan received the medal “Merentibus” from the Polish King Stanisław August and was tasked by him to help prepare a map of Poland
Spinola, Carlo Studied theology in Milan
Żebrowski, Tomasz Stepling taught mathematics, astronomy, and architecture to Żebrowski in Prague
Sajnovics, János Studied mathematics in Vienna
Before 1761, special course
Hartmann, Sigismund Ferdinand Studied mathematics
Baldigiani, Antonio Studied mathematics in Rome
Obrąpalski, Wojciech Obrąpalski built several buildings
Pardies, Ignace-Gaston Pardies was in scholarly contact with Fermat
Luino, Francesco Luino took a great part in the reform of the training of engineers
Kircher, Athanasius Correspondence between Krüger and Kircher
Trigault, Nicolas Studied oriental languages, sciences
Rho, Giacomo Studied philosophy, theology, mathematics
Narwojsz, Franciszek Narwojsz studied philosophy under Dobszewicz in Vilnius
Riccati, Vincenzo Studied theology in Rome, Parma
de Laloubère, Antoine La Loubère was a well-known mathematician of his time, considered one of the precursors of modern calculus
Kyllman, Reiner Kyllmann founded the astronomical observatory in Cologne
Kino, Eusebio Francisco Studied in Ingolstadt, Hall in Tirol, Trento
Alvarez, Gaspar Born in Madrid
Brutscher, Johann Left the Society