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1711 – 1727 Andrian, Karl Occupied himself with philosophy, mathematics, canon law, cases of conscience in Trnava, Graz, Linz, Klagenfurt, Gorizia, Buda
Bruna, Franjo Teacher of mathematics in Budapest
Bruna, Franjo Occupied himself with astronomical observations in Budapest
1792 – 1801 Domin, Josip Franjo Teacher of experimental physics, agriculture, mechanics, theoretical physics in Budapest
Hertl, Ignace Teacher of moral theology in Budapest
1799 Horvat, Ivan Krstitelj Died in Budapest
1767 – 1769 Horvat, Ivan Krstitelj Studied philosophy in Budapest
Horvat, Ivan Krstitelj Teacher in Budapest
1782 Horvat, Ivan Krstitelj From 1782 on, Horvat was one of the four professors at the Budapest Institutum Geometricum, the first institution devoted to the training of civil engineers
1782 Horvat, Ivan Krstitelj In 1782, Makó established the Institutum Geometricum (the first institute dedicated to the formation of civil engineers) in Budapest with the fellow Jesuits Rausch( geometry), Horvat( physics, mechanics), Ljudevit Mitterpacher( agronomy), and Josip Mitterpacher( mathematics, engineering) as teachers
1793 Makó, Pál Died in Budapest
1788 Mitterpacher, Josip Died in Budapest
1773 – 1788 Mitterpacher, Josip Teacher of higher mathematics in Budapest
1814 Mitterpacher, Ljudevit Died in Budapest
Mitterpacher, Ljudevit Teacher of natural sciences, geology, technology in Budapest
Mitterpacher, Ljudevit Teacher of physics in Budapest
1777 – Rausch, Franz Teacher of cartography, applied mathematics, land surveying in Budapest
1785 Sajnovics, János Died in Budapest
1748 Sajnovics, János Entered the Society of Jesus in Budapest
1772 – 1785 Sajnovics, János Teacher of mathematics in Budapest