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Date Person Description
Ceva, Tommaso Teacher of mathematics in Milan
Mayer, Christian Occupied himself with in London
Kresa, Jacob Catechist
Biancani, Giuseppe Teacher of mathematics in Parma
Ivančič, Ján Teacher of literae humaniores in Košice
Eschinardi, Francesco Studied philosophy, logic in Rome, Città di Castello
Grammaticus, Nicasius Falck taught and worked with Grammaticus
Liesganig, Joseph Studied philosophy in Vienna
Giattini, Giovanni Battista Teacher of rhetoric in Palermo
Campioni, Gianantonio Studied theology in Milan, Sevilla, Mexico
Kino, Eusebio Francisco Studied sciences in Freiburg im Breisgau
de Loureiro, João Occupied himself with in London
Castel, Louis-Bertrand Occupied himself with in Rouen
von Halden zu Haldenegg, Johann Baptist Occupied himself with cosmology
Mitterpacher, Josip Studied literae humaniores in Győr
de Aguilón, François Saint-Vincent worked out a special mathematics course together with Aguilón and taught it in Antwerp
Clavius, Christoph Correspondence between Clavius and Commandino
Mitterpacher, Ljudevit With his works, Mitterpacher contributed to the development and modernization of agriculture in Hungary and Austria
Hartzheim, Hermann Josef Teacher of Hebrew, Greek in Milan
Güssmann, Franz Studied literae humaniores in Leoben