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Subjects: Moral theology, Polemic theology
Date Person Description
Herele, David Teacher of philosophy, rhetoric, grammar, moral theology, polemic theology, dogmatic theology
Langer, George Teacher of philosophy, grammar, literae humaniores, moral theology, polemic theology
Sztancsak, Jean Teacher of philosophy, moral theology, polemic theology, canon law in Trnava, Košice, Budapest
Tipaldi, Giovanni Andrea Teacher of philosophy, grammar, moral theology, polemic theology, dogmatic theology, scripture in Rome
Hevenesi, Gábor Teacher of rhetoric, grammar, literae humaniores, polemic theology
1691 – 1692 Hevenesi, Gábor Teacher of moral theology in Vienna
1767 – 1770 Chyczewski, Stanisław Teacher of moral theology, church history in Lviv
1770 – 1771 Chyczewski, Stanisław Teacher of positive theology, polemic theology in Przemyśl