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Subjects: Astronomical observatory, Physics
Date Person Description
1740 – Béraud, Laurent Teacher of physics, chemistry, biology in Lyon
– 1764 Béraud, Laurent Director of astronomical observatory in Lyon
Rogaliński, Józef Studied mathematics, physics, astronomy in Paris
1762 – 1773 Rogaliński, Józef Teacher of mathematics, physics, architecture in Poznań
Rogaliński, Józef Rogaliński established a physical cabinet and an astronomical observatory in Poznań and held public demonstrations in experimental physics, military art, and architectural engineering
de Saint-Bonnet, Jean Teacher of philosophy, rhetoric, mathematics, physics, grammar, literae humaniores
de Saint-Bonnet, Jean Saint-Bonnet was commissioned by Cassini to build an astronomical observatory on top of the church of the Lyon college; he died in an accident during the construction
Stepling, Joseph Bohomolec studied mathematics, physics, and astronomy in Prague under Jüngling and Stepling
Stepling, Joseph Siekierzyński studied mathematics, architecture, and physics under Jüngling, Heinisch, and Stepling in Prague
Stepling, Joseph Poczobut studied mathematics, physics, and astronomy under Jüngling and Stepling in Prague
Stepling, Joseph Teacher of philosophy, mathematics, physics
Stepling, Joseph Stepling set up the astronomical observatory in Prague
1752 Żebrowski, Tomasz In 1752, Żebrowski renewed the mathematics course and established a physics lab as well as an astronomical observatory in Vilnius