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Subjects: Cartography
Date Person Description
Eschinardi, Francesco Occupied himself with optics, civil architecture, military architecture, watchmaking, acoustics, cartography
Jartoux, Pierre Occupied himself with astronomy, cartography
Jourdan, Jakub Occupied himself with cartography
Kino, Eusebio Francisco Occupied himself with astronomical observations, cartography
Koenig, Johann Occupied himself with astronomy, geometry, cartography, geography, cosmography
Milliet de Chales, Claude-François Occupied himself with astronomy, architecture, calendars, geometry, mechanics, magnetism, optics, music, perspective, cartography, navigation
Pézenas, Esprit Occupied himself with mathematics, astronomy, astronomical observations, cartography, navigation, scientific instruments, logarithms
Rausch, Franz Rausch established land surveying and cartography in Hungary
1777 – Rausch, Franz Teacher of cartography, applied mathematics, land surveying in Budapest
Régis, Jean Baptiste Occupied himself with astronomy, cartography
Slavíček, Karel Occupied himself with astronomy, music, cartography, pure mathematics, applied mathematics
Soares, Diogo Occupied himself with astronomy, cartography, geography, natural sciences, botany, topography, fieldwork