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Place: Milan, Italy
Date Person Description
1630 Alamanni, Basile Died in Milan
Alamanni, Basile Teacher of philosophy, theology in Milan
de Albertis, Albert Teacher of philosophy, rhetoric, mathematics, scripture in Milan
1614 Barbiano, Juan Born in Milan
Bartolli, Daniello Studied theology in Milan, Bologna, Parma
1583 Borri, Cristòforo Born in Milan
1609 – 1611 Borri, Cristòforo Teacher of mathematics in Milan
1787 Bošković, Rudjer Died in Milan
1766 – 1772 Bošković, Rudjer Construction supervisor of astronomical observatory in Milan
Bovio, Pascal Teacher of philosophy in Milan
1772 Bovio, Pascal Teacher of theology in Milan
Brusati, Giulio Cesare Teacher of philosophy, theology, mathematics in Milan, Turin, Pavia
Campioni, Gianantonio Studied theology in Milan, Sevilla, Mexico
1648 Ceva, Tommaso Born in Milan
1737 Ceva, Tommaso Died in Milan
1663 Ceva, Tommaso Entered the Society of Jesus in Milan
Ceva, Tommaso Teacher of rhetoric in Milan
Ceva, Tommaso Teacher of mathematics in Milan
1619 Confalonieri, Conrad Born in Milan
Confalonieri, Conrad Teacher of philosophy in Rome, Milan